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Thierry Doumbea



My name is Thierry Doumbea, I am a Fashion Model from Douala, Cameroon currently residing in Chicago, Il. I went through a lot of difficult stages in my life but I never gave up, I didn't know that much but it was all thanks to my mother, she is my rock.My mother instilled in me many values to always keep going. From this teaching, I emerged with two passions that have many overlapping similarities: Modeling and Soccer. These two activities have a whole team, a community that comes together, with each person playing an important part to reach a common goal. I love to see Energy, Passion, Commitment and Perception. The look of accomplishment and pride one everyone's face as the final project comes together is a feeling of pure bliss. I am proud and intrigued to see the creative genius and teamwork that comes out within these communities.