Team Brightside

Beautiful morning bootcamp session In Chicago supporting #TeamBrightside and Ryan in support of pediatric cancer research!  He has such an amazing spirit, thanks to everyone who came out, let's kick cancer in the butt!



Ryan: Cancer survivor, brave and talented  


18 participants at the cancer awareness Boot Camp. 

High intensity strength training.  

This is bootcamp session was provided to team bright side to support pediatric cancer research program. We kicked cancer in the butt.  

Helping Them Reach Their Dreams

MICHIGAN CITY — Writer, bodybuilder and model Sunny Akhigbe speaks to students at Michigan City High School during an event to help inspire and motivate students to be their best selves. Akhigbe was born in Nigeria and endured many struggles until he decided to make a change and believe in himself and his dreams. He is the writer of “A Boy and his Dream” and is the founder and president of A Boy and His Dream Foundation.


Courtesy of News Dispatch:


Sunny speaks at the MCHS

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Sunny with first group of students at the MCHS Hall  

We are Collaborating with ILA

NIGERIA - The package traveled long distance, only through the air, but once in Nigeria the rugged trail through ravines and clay roads to reach its final destination... It's an absolute miracle!!!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this component a success. We have more work to do.

Power of collaboration made this project successful!

-A Boy and His Dream

-International Little Artists

-McCormick Elementary

-Team in Nigeria

-Project Team in Chicago: Patricia Martinez, Diana Bridges, Sunny Akomu Akhigbe, Lucie Valisova Hake , Anne Lebak and many others

 -Photo and motion coverage done by : Eze Georgechunky

-Mobilization/Transportation: Ighagbon Shedrack


Students feeling supported by the presence of the head teacher. 


-The Ohordua/Nigeria team. 


They are being empowered through education. 


The book and the story #aBoyAndHisDream


Students completed their first writing project. Ohordua Primary School, Edo State, Nigeria. 


They sing and dance with pride. 


Bettering themselves in a learning environment. 

Ready to Ship

Kids Around The World got the 40 foot container loaded today and on its way! They had some great help from a work release program that they  partnered with through Winnebago County, IL.


40 foot container loaded and ready to ship.


Playground items loaded in a container. 


Already to go.. 


Volunteers helping to load up the container. 


Thank you so much to everyone who has made this project possible!


Helping Them Build Their Future!

It is our responsibility to help our children understand the importance of education in our community. 


Teach them the importance of bettering oneself with quality education.  

Enjoy the journey with them.. 


Tell them the truth about life.. 


Encourage them to be the best they can be in life.. 


Make it about about them.. 


Have Fun with them....

Join me to help make the future a better place for our children..
Photo by Azeez Alayah

Networking for Hope Event

April 19, 2017

What a superb evening, I couldn't have done it without all of you. The love and continue support for (A Boy And His Dream Foundation) is truly overwhelming! 

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Afra Lucas-Preszler Javier Gutierrez Nueman Savage, Salisia Webber Ginny Dickman-Lopez Colin PreszlerTarra Motton Model


Alex Callejo
Rico Howard and His crew
DJ Uzo Udu

MC: Javier Gutierrez

Organizers:Graco Funes Ashley Donat Nathan Wilks Diana Bridges Nick Memeti

Graphic Designer: Nicolas Llanos iLoan Home Mortgage crew

Set up: Sunny Akomu Akhigbe Diana Bridges Le'aire Xciv Javier Ramirez Jennifer Hole at Cuvee

Food: Janice Goldman Picker

Transportation: Javier

Thank you!!!