We are Collaborating with ILA

NIGERIA - The package traveled long distance, only through the air, but once in Nigeria the rugged trail through ravines and clay roads to reach its final destination... It's an absolute miracle!!!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this component a success. We have more work to do.

Power of collaboration made this project successful!

-A Boy and His Dream

-International Little Artists

-McCormick Elementary

-Team in Nigeria

-Project Team in Chicago: Patricia Martinez, Diana Bridges, Sunny Akomu Akhigbe, Lucie Valisova Hake , Anne Lebak and many others

 -Photo and motion coverage done by : Eze Georgechunky

-Mobilization/Transportation: Ighagbon Shedrack


Students feeling supported by the presence of the head teacher. 


-The Ohordua/Nigeria team. 


They are being empowered through education. 


The book and the story #aBoyAndHisDream


Students completed their first writing project. Ohordua Primary School, Edo State, Nigeria. 


They sing and dance with pride. 


Bettering themselves in a learning environment.