Christine Hoffmann

Adviser | Board Member

Christine Hoffmann - Board Member-Advisor_edited.jpg

As a Marketing consultant with decades of experience, Christine provides insight and out-of-box thinking to propel businesses and non-profit organizations towards success.  She contributes an arsenal of creative marketing and business development strategies to her advisory position, as well as experience in public relations, communications and events.  Her educational background includes a B.S. degree in Marketing from Eastern Illinois University.

Christine is highly passionate about philanthropic giving to improve human welfare.  She is driven to serve underprivileged children, especially fighting for their education. “A Boy and His Dream Foundation is my way of making the world a better place.”  In alignment with their core values, she believes every child deserves to receive the emotional, physical, and educational support they need during their formative years.  Christine was honored to play an integral role in spearheading ABAHD Scholarship Fund for local students.  

Volunteerism is in her DNA.  She serves as Co-Chairman of Break Free, an anti-human trafficking activist group striving to eradicate sex trafficking.  She is a public speaker and developer of awareness events to educate the population on trafficking and anti-pornography movements. 

In her downtime, Christine enjoys intense workouts, expanding her culinary skills and traveling abroad.