Diana Bridges


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My Name is Diana L. Bridges. I am Co-Founder of A Boy and His Dream Foundation.  I also own D & S Investments, LLC. My career is versatile and broad. I am an entrepreneur and invest in the high-end real estate in Chicago, Michigan, and Arizona.

I have an extensive background, in the healthcare industry and family/urgent practice clinic programs. I've held positions within the organization of Director of Operations, deployed and conducted daily on-site clinic operation/oversight at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Steel medical clinic. I was Business Development Director and oversee 13 medical Occupational Health Clinic Programs and directed the Business Development Team in 6 counties. I implemented the ISO Accreditation process where all 13 Occupational Health Clinics are now certified. I am currently the Regional Program Director for onsite clinic deployment/land acquisition and daily operations. Additionally, I served as the Chief Liaison /Director for Occupational Health of Indiana for 24 years. I'm certified in Health Practice Management from the National Association of Occupational Health Professionals out of Santa Barbara, CA. I have participated in several clinic merger/acquisitions and oversaw the projects at hand. I have an extensive background in the judicial system and was an advocate for the court system programs working with domestic abuse of a woman. 

I have served as Ambassador to Chamber’s, am a member of Restaurant Management and a member of Women in Management of the NW Indiana and Illinois Chapters.

I graduated from North Carolina States University in Raleigh, N.C., and hold a Master’s degree in Business.