We Need Your Support

Contributions of Any Type are Both Appreciated and Needed!

A Boy and His Dream is a grass roots organization which is quickly taking hold and making a difference! However, in order to do so, we are busy, so very busy! Each individual has limited time, skill, and resources. The more individuals we have on our team, the greater the positive impact we can make for our children. 

It takes a village!

We encourage you to consider what you have to offer for our youth and organization. There's no doubt that the giving of your time and skills would benefit our community and yourself as well. This, I write to you as a volunteer.

For reference, I've had my own business for nearly 10 years. I am not located in the Chicago area, and most certainly am not living an affluent lifestyle. But, I can say that any amount of time and skill I offer to this wonderful cause and it's magnificently grounded co-founders, is of greater gift to me than to the cause. It is true that gratitude comes in giving.

When considering the circumstances the underprivileged youth endure, my own struggles feel less overwhelming. Working and talking with Sunny on a daily basis, challenges me to be the best I can be, regardless of traumatic past experience and current life set-backs.

I'm inspired to continue moving forward and helping whomever may need help along the way. Please join me and the rest of the ABAHD team as we work towards bringing positive change to those who are desperately seeking a chance!

Much gratitude,
Lily Burns

If you have interest in contributing time, skills, and/or resources, we are anxious to hear from you!
Please contact us.