Lindsey Kaalberg


“It was one of those epiphany-inducing moments: lost in my bliss, sweating, in my first savasana, when I knew, this is what I will do with my life!”- Lindsey after her first yoga class.

At 18, with that detail out of the way, Lindsey pursued a degree in business management and signed up for a yoga teacher training.

During college, Lindsey dove headfirst into her teaching career. She worked for a “mom and pop” yoga studio in Iowa, Hot House Yoga, and loved the practice and studio, but knew her yoga studio was going to be much larger than this model.  Post college, she moved to Chicago to work for a large studio chain, and despite having multiple certifications, was required to do a specific training prior to teaching. So, she paid for her training, then learned she had to do an “unpaid internship” which involved teaching 30 classes and 3 hours of cold-calling weekly.  Finally, she got to teach!

Struggling to make ends meet, yet determined to make it as a teacher, she took every opportunity to make more money. She taught as many classes as she could get her hands on, became an assistant manager, lead bootcamps, supported in teacher trainings, etc. To no avail, she realized I am never going to be able to afford to live!

What bothered her more than the money, was how some aspects of the yoga industry were so inauthentically representing the culture of yoga internally (no support for teachers, low pay practices, no sick time, no vacation time, no benefits, etc,) and externally (little speak about philosophy, or spirituality.) What the hell! She felt taken advantage of and knew she was not alone in this.  She noticed her friends feeling the same struggle. Why were studios investing more in "corporate headquarters" and massive facilities rather than their teachers?

She reached her breaking point and called to her mom crying, "yoga is ruining my life.  I wish I never even started.”

Mary, Lindsey's mom,  not one to ever support a victim mentality replied, “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

Breakthrough.  F*** this, Lindsey set out on a mission.  Her yoga studios would revolutionize the industry… "I will pay my teachers a salary, give them benefits, sick time, vacation time, and career paths.  Run a sophisticated business model centered around an authentic culture of yoga, leveraging the skill-sets of the teachers, and show that this is actually the most profitable way to build an incredible brand."