Garry Howell

Board Member

Garry Howell - member_edited.jpg

Garry Howell is the owner and founder of SOGO Marketing.

Garry has always been an entrepreneur and it’s actually in his blood - he comes from a family that lives and breathes entrepreneurship. From an early age he has understood clients needs, as he grew up in a family restaurant, and has developed a set of skills that enhance his client’s brands.

After college Garry founded SOGO Marketing. SOGO is a millennial-based agency focused on making big things happen for their partners. They think, collaborate and create with brands that want to push the limits of digital marketing.

SOGO is paving its own path in Chicago and doing it with style. SOGO does things differently than your run-of-the-mill digital marketing agency. They don’t accept the industrial norms and no other millennial-based digital marketing agency in Chicago is doing what they are doing.

When Garry isn’t working (which isn’t normal), he enjoys spending his time with family/friends, hanging with his dog Wrigley, attending Chicago sporting events, running, cooking, trying new restaurants, drinking beer, and looking forward to the next adventure.