Our Story

Meet Sunny, the boy behind the dream.

Sunny was born in Nigeria. In the first years of his life, he faced poverty and malnutrition. He was challenged by his family to live up to and exceed his potential, and he did. Since then, he moved to the United States, earned his MBA and started “A Boy and his Dream Foundation”.

With the foundation, Sunny aims to inspire change and give a voice of determination and perseverance to everyone experiencing hardship. From complicated family situations to moving to the other side of the world; Sunny’s story of determination to succeed, no matter the cost, is a story we believe is one that inspires and gives hope.

Our goal is to inspire struggling youth to realize there is hope for their future, and to encourage change. We hope you join us on this journey.

My inspiration for the Foundations was being blessed in knowing the Founder, Sunny Akomu Akhigbe not only as a dear friend but as my business partner. It was not until I traveled back to Nigeria in January of 2016 to walk the journey of the book first hand with him personally narrating as we went, how the vision of the book A Boy and His Dream, was conceived – it was then that I knew the complete impact he would make as his journey would continue through other means.

As I tell him and others on a daily basis, he is definitely the blessed and chosen one, whose purpose is to share his story from a personal aspect and teach others to be able to overcome opposition and adversities. When we returned – we concluded that we needed to give back in a huge way, and pay homage to Sunny’s journey throughout his life, and hence we decided to create the Foundation and name it after the book, A Boy and His Dream Foundation.

The journey of Sunny is nothing short of a miracle and to read the book and listen to his story is compelling to say the least. To know him is a blessing and to be able to now give back to the youth of not only the United States, but Globally is an enormous blessing. We will continue to grow with the backing and support of our Board Members and Sponsors and achieve the impossible.
— Diana Bridges – Vice President/Co-Founder