A Boy and His Dream Inspires!

We have been working with and supporting youth as our mission, and the results have been remarkable! Many have stayed in-touch and are motivated to be there best, just as the example we set. 

Below are some of their stories...

Elijah Crump

Scholarship Program Recipient

Aaliyah Gray

Scholarship Program Recipient


Jesus Torres

It was last year when I met Sunny. He gave a speech for one of my classes. Before the speech I didn’t know who he was. As soon as he started talking, I became a fan of his. He told us about his life back in Africa and all the things he had to go through. He also told us about his book, foundation, and his vision. At the end of the motivational, talk he told us we could contact him if we wanted to. I read his book and I found out more details about him. It’s really motivating to see all the things he has accomplished. Now, I want to follow his footsteps and also help the people and give back to the community.