Sunny Akhigbe


Sunny Akhigbe - founder_edited.jpg

Sunny Akhigbe (pen name, Ambrose Okosun) founded “A Boy and His Dream Foundation”,  to give back to the community the opportunity and knowledge to be successful and healthy. Sunny gives a voice of determination that will appeal to those who’ve immigrated or overcome hardship. A Boy and His Dream Foundation seek to provide youth the ability to take charge of their lives and overcome obstacles and adversities.

A Boy and His Dream began as a story of one man’s triumph over the extremely difficult life circumstances. Sunny, was born in Nigeria. In the first years of his life, he faced poverty and malnutrition. His grandmother challenged him to live up to and exceed his potential, and he did. Sunny immigrated to the United States and earned an MBA. His challenges are uncommon to most Americans, yet some are quite relatable, like difficulty with finances and relationships. The determination to succeed, no matter the cost, is a story we believe is one that gives hope.

Our goal is to inspire struggling youth to realize there is hope for their future and to encourage change. We hope you join us on this journey.