The Book, the Story, the Dream

While author, Sunny Akhigbe (pen name Ambrose Okosun), was just beginning his life in March of 1973 in Lekki, Nigeria, his parents' marriage was ending. Left with his grandparents to eke out a living in a small village, Sunny Akhigbe, was separated from his mother and was not allowed to see his birth father. From a young age, he was dealt a hard life.

In A Boy and His Dream, Sunny Akhigbe (pen name Okosun), shares the struggles he endured and how he strived to overcome those early challenges. From hunger to being ostracized by a polygamist family, he experienced severe poverty while growing up. At the same time, his elders imparted important lessons that Sunny Akhigbe (pen name Okosun) took to heart, including the message that he was in charge of his own destiny.

Learning by trial and error and with guidance from God, Sunny Akhigbe (pen name Okosun) tells how he became educated, earned several degrees, and immigrated to the United States. A Boy and His Dream narrates the story of a man who has come a long way from being an abused little boy in Nigeria.


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My business partner and I recently traveled to Nigeria for three weeks to film a documentary. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I now live in the United States. The living conditions and the logistics of the country have changed very little since I last lived there.  My mission is to give back to a community that I know was and still is in desperate need of help.

I can relate to the everyday struggle in Nigeria, because I am a product of that environment, especially the rural area. The only difference between me and others is that I overcame the many oppositions that I was dealt and was able to break barriers of oppression that keep people from getting out and living productive lives.

The purpose of my book, A Boy and His Dream, was to relay my personal journey to the world and give the youth of today hope, along with the essential tools they need. My hopes are that they too might overcome the adversity to be someone successful and live life to the fullest.  

During our travel we were able to meet with many officials such as the Housing Commissioner, The King of Lekki, and a legal advisory board that we formatted. I was also able to present to Silver Bird Television, Ebony Television, and Continental Radio to discuss my mission and vision for the youth of today.

Not only is there an epidemic of underlying issues with the youth in the United States, there is also the same need in Nigeria. The areas of Nigeria are lacking guidance and the essential tools they need to allow the children coming up to be prosperous young adults. Our saying is always, ”If You Know Better, You Do Better.”

My vision is to reach the lives of as many youth of tomorrow as I can possibly reach, to show them the tools they will need to also overcome hardships, and be able to break those barriers to live productive lives.

The Nigerian children and teens are in need of shoes, clothing, food, and staples to be able to get through the day. Daily items they need are soap to bathe, toothbrushes, deodorant, and other hygienic products. The school systems are in need of books, pencils, book bags, paper, chalk boards, desks, and items to be able to conduct school.

While visiting Nigeria I went to my old elementary school. I saw they were trying to finish a building where plumbing and electricity would be accessible for the children. Unfortunately, the project ran out of funds and was never finished. The students are having class on the floor of the building without supplies to do their studies, and when they have to use the restroom they go outside.   

There must be an educational process to redirect the youth and give them hope and a desire to be someone. I lived this very existence, but I always had a vision that one day I would be free from the burden of poverty. I am here to save others from what I went through. I will change their lives for the better. I need your support. It takes a village to raise a child, and every contribution, no matter how small, will go to help those in need of existence.