What Makes Us Special?

What sets our foundation apart is the fact that the president/founder, Sunny Akhigbe, is someone who has lived, walked, and experienced the devastation of opposition, adversity and a troubled beginning.

With his life experience, Sunny Akhigbe, is now able to identify with others first-hand and bring a solution to their frustrations.

Our co-founders, Diana Bridges, and Sunny, researched and reached out to area communities and traveled within the US and internationally to find what the areas of concern are. It always leads back to the lack of funding and lack of concern for the youth growing up in an ever-changing world of turmoil. It appeared obvious that our focal point should be the youth.

Thus, we have created programs that will generate change in the youth who are our leaders of tomorrow. It is our mission to provide them with positive options and to speak to them in REAL TIME, without sugar-coating that life is challenging; to show by example, when thrown a difficult situation, how to overcome and make the best decision for a great outcome.

We have available resources such as an email or phone call. If it’s a situation we are not able to handle ourselves, we reach back to the school counselors who are available to step in. If it involves an issue where the youth has been arrested, Sunny is professionally experienced to speak to appropriate officials in order to develop a solution.


“12 years ago was my first time getting arrested. I was sent to the Laporte county juvenile center. Mr. Sunny was one of the officers who worked with us while we were on 23 hour lock down. You could tell he was there for a purpose. I saw that as a young boy. I was invited to this fund raiser tonight by Graco Funes and Zhanna Romm. It’s crazy how the world works and how small it really is. He started his foundation for the youth as I’m in the process of mine now. The surreal of this is uncontrollable. So glad I game tonight and had our energy collide! Looking Forward to working with you brother. One kid at a time!! And if it wasn’t for my mother Michele Rentas telling the officers to leave my butt there. I never would have learned my lessons. #DreamBelieveInspireOurYouth #ABoyAndHisDream #YouthFoundations #YouthMovement #Godspeed”
— Andrew Durham
Andrew Durham.jpeg


Some of our programs are:

  • A Boy and His Dream Foundation Scholarship Program

  • Our program will offer resources throughout the application process and through the candidate’s process once they are approved for the program. We will have mentors who are available to spend one-on-one time with the student and help them through life’s processes.

  • Fundraiser’s, which fund future projects and to make available to the youth the funding it takes to assist in their future.

  • Coats and clothing drives, to allow the youth appropriate clothing to be successful.

  • Holiday toy drives for families who are faced with unforeseen situations that prevent them from allowing for extras.

  • Battling obesity by sponsoring schools and families in underserved communities to promote healthy lifestyles. We connect with sponsors to fund grocery trips for schools and families and establish health goals for recipients. Sunny is a fitness expert and plans on creating a fitness program for children as well.

  • Mentor programs that are available to our youth who may need guidance for choices in their community.

  • Motivational speaking engagements that are available to enhance the school programs. Sunny speaks on topics that all high school students can identify with; how important it is to think about the future and know that education is the key to all things possible for their future.


Many of our programs are offered pro-bono, and each is evaluated to assure that funding is not available before we accept a no fee for service. We must give of ourselves for other’s gain, and be available to those who are less fortunate. Our programs are never withheld, based on the inability to pay. A Boy and His Dream Foundation is available to all who need us. We deliver our services to many area community entities and look forward to working with your group.

Our program is about connecting to the root of the issue and we are blessed to have our founder, Sunny Akhigbe, whom has lived through most anything you can imagine and has been a positive role model through his journey. He has the answers to most all adversities today's youth are facing, as he has worked many years in the field with the youth. He does this through High School Programs and gained his experience while working in counseling services with probation departments and counseling services with case-management and placement.

If he doesn’t have the answer, Sunny or our Board of Directors will reach out to our many resources to bring resolution to the concern..

We will remain Standing Strong and Faithful for Many Years to Come –