A Boy and His Dream Foundation seeks to provide youth the ability to take charge of their lives and overcome obstacles and adversities. The determination to succeed, no matter the cost, is a story that we believe is one that gives hope. A Boy and His Dream Foundation focus on giving back to communities as well as providing them with opportunities and knowledge to be successful and healthy.

We achieve these goals through feeding the homeless, speaking engagements, and educating our youth through pro-bono workshops on local, national and international levels. Our goal is to inspire struggling youth to realize there is hope for their future, and to inspire change. We hope you join us on this journey.


A Change for Our Children

Begins with Each of us

Join Us on this Journey as we support children to...

  • Realize there is a light after the darkness

  • Rediscover their self-esteem

  • Know that they will have freedom with revolutions in their life

  • Enrich the quality of life by redirection and motivation

  • See an alternative way of expressing their emotions

  • Know the importance of education

  • To balance a lifestyle through mind, body, and spirit

  • See life as a glass ½ full

  • Be creative and worthy of independence

  • Express kindness and learn to be humble and loving