Providing our youth with the ability to take charge of their lives and overcome obstacles and adversities. 


A Boy and His Dream Foundation focuses to give back to the Chicago community the opportunities and knowledge to be successful and healthy. We achieve this through feeding the homeless, speaking events and educating our youth. 

We stand to inspire struggling youth to realize there is hope for their future and to inspire change.


“12 years ago was my first time getting arrested. I was sent to the Laporte county juvenile center. Mr. Sunny was one of the officers who worked with us while we were on 23 hour lock down. You could tell he was there for a purpose. I saw that as a young boy. I was invited to this fund raiser tonight by Graco Funes and Zhanna Romm. It’s crazy how the world works and how small it really is. He started his foundation for the youth as I’m in the process of mine now. The surreal of this is uncontrollable. So glad I game tonight and had our energy collide! Looking Forward to working with you brother. One kid at a time!! And if it wasn’t for my mother Michele Rentas telling the officers to leave my butt there. I never would have learned my lessons. #DreamBelieveInspireOurYouth #ABoyAndHisDream #YouthFoundations #YouthMovement #Godspeed”
— Andrew Durham


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