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Nigeria Projects

The 2023 A Boy and His Dream playground installation in Ekpoma, Nigeria, was an epic success. We had a strong team of six from the United States and several people from Nigeria who helped support and build the playground. We also delivered 50,000 locally sourced meals to the children.

The King of Ekpoma invited us to his home to discuss A Boy and His Dream and our playground initiatives in Nigeria. The King blessed our founder, Sunny Akhigbe, and he commissioned and blessed the playground.

We couldn’t be more proud of the volunteers, our sponsors, supporters, the Ekpoma volunteers, and our families and friends. The enthusiasm from the King and the community was intoxicating. The joy in the childrens' hearts and their gratitude was exhilarating. Soon, we will be doing this again.

We thank God for our safe journey and this blessed opportunity to support the severely underserved children in Ekpoma. The path of blessings continues to grow. 

Change begins with each of us.

Ekpoma, Nigeria
Playground Project


Ohordua Project

Meals for Underserved

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School Supplies

& Stuffed Animals

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