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Founded in 2015, by Sunny Akhigbe - someone who has lived and walked the devastation of opposition, adversity, and a troubled beginning.

A Boy and His Dream is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports underserved youth. We focus our charitable giving on two pillars: Underserved Youth in Chicago and Underserved Youth in Nigeria


For the underserved youth in Nigeria, we build playgrounds, provide educational sessions, and deliver meals, school supplies, and toys. In March, we built a playground and delivered 50,000 meals, stuffed animals, and school supplies to the schoolchildren in the village of Ekpoma, Nigeria. Here is a link to the recap of the mission trip in March 2023.


Our goal over the next five years for underserved youth in Nigeria is to:

  • Build 100 playgrounds

  • Deliver 1,000,000 meals

  • Educate schoolchildren

  • Offer work programs

  • Supply schools with school supplies and toys


For the underserved youth in Chicago, we offer a scholarship program where we provide scholarship money for their college education and direct 1:1 mentorship. 


Our goal over the next five years for underserved youth in Chicago is to:

  • award over 100 student scholarships

  • 1:1 mentorship for all students in the A Boy and His Dream scholarship program

  • provide more connections for our students via national and global networks and other programs


Sunny Akhigbe


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Katie Stotts

Board Secretary


Lauren Rome



Dr. Patricia Blessman


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Greg Dekalb

Director of Scholarships


Aly Nauta

Director of Marketing


Alexandria Maruska

Vice Chair


Moalike Bennett

Community Liaison Director

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C.B. Kuzlik


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Devon Blake

Director of Events

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Stephanie Mijca


Our goal is to inspire struggling youth to realize there is hope

for their future, and to encourage change.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities to underserved youth while giving back to its communities.

Our Vision

We believe every child has the right to play. As a foundation, we believe that physical activity is critical to a child’s development and is directly correlated to how they perform in the classroom.

Small actions lead to a hopeful future.

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