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Founded in 2015, by Sunny Akhigbe - someone who has lived and walked the devastation of opposition, adversity and a troubled beginning.

With his life experience, Sunny is now able to identify with others first-hand and bring a solution to their frustrations.

Our co-founders, Diana Bridges, and Sunny, traveled both within the US and internationally, to deeper research the main areas of concern. It always leads back to the lack of funding and lack of concern for the youth growing up in an ever-changing world of turmoil. It appeared obvious that our focal point should be the youth.

Since then, we have created programs that generate change in the youth who are our leaders of tomorrow. It is our mission to provide them with positive options and to speak to them in REAL TIME, to show by example, when thrown into a difficult situation, how to overcome and make the best decision for their future.


Sunny Akhigbe


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Greg Dekalb

Board Member


Aly Nauta

Director of Marketing


Dr. Patricia Blessman


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Jacqueline Rosenau

Director of Scholarships
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Stephanie Villinski

Board Secretary


Alexandria Maruska

Vice Chair


Moalike Bennett

Community Liaison Director


Lauren Rome


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Devon Blake

Director of Events

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Stephanie Mijca


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C.B. Kuzlik


Our goal is to inspire struggling youth to realize there is hope

for their future, and to encourage change.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities to underserved youth while giving back to its communities.

Our Vision

We believe every child has the right to play. As a foundation, we believe that physical activity is critical to a child’s development and is directly correlated to how they perform in the classroom.

Small actions lead to a hopeful future.

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