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Learn To Dream Scholarship Program

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Providing underserved youth with financial support for their higher education.

The A Boy and His Dream Scholarship program was created to help children in our local communities to overcome obstacles and continue their education where lack of financial and academic support may be a factor.

The goal of the scholarship is to encourage struggling youth to stay in school, to realize there is hope for their future and to inspire change.

Scholarship Recipient, Aaliyah Gray


Scholarship Recipient, Jesus Torres

It was last year when I met Sunny. He gave a speech for one of my classes. Before the speech I didn’t know who he was. As soon as he started talking, I became a fan of his. He told us about his life back in Africa and all the things he had to go through. He also told us about his book, foundation, and his vision. At the end of the motivational, talk he told us we could contact him if we wanted to. I read his book and I found out more details about him. It’s really motivating to see all the things he has accomplished.

Now, I want to follow his footsteps and also help the people and give back to the community.

How to get involved:

Each scholarship will provide students with a dedicated fund to support their educational expenses. A minimum of 8 scholarships will be granted annually, with more depending on available donations. Students will be mentored by A Boy and His Dream, and their progress and journeys followed. Recipients will be asked to share their stories to help inspire others to succeed through education.

Help us reach our fundraising goal by donating to this cause.

How to apply:

To apply for A Boy and His Dream Scholarship Program an application must be completed, along with all required supporting documents and recommendations, by the deadline.

  1. Eligibility Questionnaire: This step requires financial information from the applicant, parent(s), or legal guardian(s).

  2. Referrals: Applicants must obtain a recommendation from a high school representative (principal, teacher, counselor, coach) who is 21 or older and not related to the applicant.

  3. Application Submissions: Applications and recommendations must be completed and submitted between [new dates coming soon]. Late, mailed, faxed, or emailed submissions will not be accepted.

Apply for your scholarship here. After completing the application and essay, please save the file with your name included in the title, and email it to

How eligible applicants are identified:

In partnership with Breakthrough, potential applicants will be identified from Marshall and surrounding high schools in the Garfield Park area. The targeted school area serves some of Chicago’s most under-supported schools.

To be eligible for A Boy and His Dream Scholarship Program, students must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  • Financial need

  • Academic performance

  • Commitment to serving their communities

  • Drug-free commitment

  • Attendance

  • Demonstrated motivation to learn

How scholarship funds are maintained & managed:

A Boy and His Dream Foundation has secured the PCCF Foundation to govern, manage and deploy scholarship funds. PCCF will assist in ensuring funds go directly towards approved education expenses.

Accountants for A Boy and His Dream Foundation will ensure compliance with tax and accounting regulations. Donations made to A Boy and His Dream Scholarship fund are tax-deductible. A Boy and His Dream Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-for profit organization.

What our scholarships cover:

The A Boy and His Dream Scholarship fund pays toward the cost of:

  • Tuition & fees

  • Room & board

  • Books & supplies

  • Miscellaneous educational expenses

What we require of our scholars:

  • Meet all academic requirements while in school (including a minimum 3.0 GPA) and remain on track to graduate

  • Communicate regularly and stay in contact with A Boy and His Dream Foundation members

  • Participate in the annual A Boy and His Dream Scholar reunion

  • Share their experience and story to inspire peers and other youth

  • Fulfill all scholarship requirements and submit required documents by their deadlines

The benefits of our scholarships:

  • Financial assistance toward a four-year undergraduate degree

  • Dedicated help and support from A Boy and His Dream Members and Breakthrough mentors and contacts

  • Recognition as an A Boy and His Dream Scholar

  • Annual events, activities, and support exclusively for A Boy and His Dream Scholars

  • Assistance in planning for a rewarding career after college

  • Alumni Program offering ongoing support and a lifelong connection to a network of A Boy and His Dream Scholars

What other scholars are saying:

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